Recycle Fashion Show 2009

This was our joint activity with the Young Men for February 2009.  We decided to gather lots of recycle items and use them to make clothes for a recycle fashion show.  We split the youth into groups and gave them to task of "creating" one outfit for the show.  This is what they came up with!

Chloe modelling the new look evening dress with matching bag.  Looks like they even added tights!

Hannah modelling the latest in evening dresses.

Molly modelling the latest dress with matching hat, looks great with Ugs!

Emma modelling the latest dress with cardboard corset and matching hat.

Joshua apparantly an Adult Baby with loose nappy!

Dave isn't that a sumo wrestler pose?

Jared as a Ghostbuster, complete with ghostbusting gun!

Jared also wearing the ghostbusting backpack!

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