Monday, 26 August 2013

Just a couple of cakes that I have done in recent years.

For Emma's birthday we made a Dalek cake:

For Lucy's birthday we made a 'Monster Book of Monsters' from Harry Potter:

I was asked to make a wedding cake for a friend at church, carrot cake cupcakes:

And they said because I had done such a good job of this wedding cake, could I make another one for another couple at church!  So we used the same board (recycled) and added some different fabric and beads, but used the same recipe for the cakes.  Came out ok:

Well I haven't been on here for best part of the year now!  So I need to do some updating.  I have other projects that I need to put on here that I have done in recent months/years. Also we are now getting into the last four months before Christmas, so out will come the craft stuff and production will start. I'm so excited!!

I have also been teaching myself some new tricks this year, knitting and crocheting.  I've done more crocheting than knitting, not because it's easier, but because it's quicker and I can make more things with crochet.  Have been enjoying teaching myself this year and love it when I create something new.

So... onwards with uploading!