Monday, 22 October 2012

Gingerbread People

So between myself and my hubby Simon, we worked out how to do some little gingerbread people.  They stand about 6 inches higher and are just so cute, well we think so anyway!

Here's what you need:

Brown/Biscuit coloured felt
Dark Brown/White/Biscuit
    coloured embroidery thread
Buttons for coat
Cotton for buttons
Ribbon for bow tie or hair
Soft toy filling

Fold the felt in half and and lay the gingerbread man patterns on it, draw round, as in picture 1.

Cut out the gingerbread men.  You should have two pieces, as in picture 2.

(Don't understand why the pictures are coming out on the side, sorry!)

Put the two pieces together and using the embroidery thread sew them together using a blanket stitch, as in picture 3.

Leave a section open, but keep the needle and thread still attached so that the gingerbread man can carry on being sewn up, as in picture 4.

Put the filling inside the gingerbrread man, putting as much in as you wish without over filling him, as in picture 5.

Finish sewing round the gingerbread man, as in picture 6.

Using the embroidery thread, sew the eyes - just oversewing to create the eye shape - and mouth, as in picture 7.

Take ribbon bow and sew onto the head at an angle, as in picture 7.  Or on the neck for a man.

Sew the buttons onto the tummy, I have used 2, but you could use 3, depending on the size of your gingerbread man, as in picture 8.

Using the white embroidery thread sew the ends of the arms and legs as if it were piped icing, as in picture 9.

Taking the ribbon or hanging thread sew it to the back of the gingerbread man, as in picture 10.

One finished gingerbread man, or woman (as in this case)!  Now you can make lots more.

You could end up with a family of gingerbread people!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bell Christmas Puddings

These Christmas puddings are probably the easiest and quickest decoration I have made.  But they look so effective and very cute.

Here's what you need:

Christmas Bells
Green felt
Wite felt
Small red fuzzy balls
Glue gun

Firstly, cut out the icing shape from the white felt and cut a small hole in the centre, as in picture 1.

Cut holly shaped leaves from the green felt, as in picture 2.

Take the icing shaped felt and put over the top of the bell, pulling the hanging thread through the hole, and glue in place, as in picture 3.

Put small amounts of glue around the centre of the white icing felt and add three holly leaves, as in picture 4.

Put small amounts of glue inbetween where you have glued the holly leavves and add three holly berries, as in picture 5.

Voila!  You now have a Christmas pudding bell!

Now you can go on to create more!

Try them with no icing, they look cute just with the holly and berries.

...And lots of them!!!

Elf on a Shelf

So here's another little decoration that I made.  We call this one "Elf on a shelf", named by my hubby Simon, because that is where he sits; although you could put a hanging thread on and hang him on the tree - depends on how large and heavy the pine cones are!

Here's what you need:

Pine cones
Wooden balls or hard cotton balls for head
Coloured felt
Large buttons
Embroidery thread
Glue gun

You need to cut out of the felt a hat, 2 mittens, the arm rectangle and the feet shape, as in picture 1.

Firstly you need to shape the hat and using the embroidery thread sew it together using blanket stitch, as in picture 2.  I think it adds to it and looks quite cute!

Glue the ball to the top of the pine cone creating the head, as in picture 3.

Glue the felt hat to the top of the bead, as in picture 4.

Insert the rectangle of felt for the arms around the back of the cone, as in picture 5a.

 Glue the front of the arms to the pine cone, as in picture 5b.

Glue the felt mittens to the front of the arms, attaching them to the pine cone, as in picture 6.

Glue a button to the bottom of the felt for the feet, as in picture 7.

Before you stick the feet to to bottom of the pine cone, you will need to work out where is best to put it to keep the balance right.  Once done, glue the feet to the pine cone, as in picture 8.

Stand him up (hopefully he balanced right, if not you will need to move the feet before the glue sets!)  Draw his face, as in picture 9.

Voila!  You have your very own "Elf on a Shelf" finished.

Now you are ready to make more to add to your collection as we have!  You can even add little extras like bobbles for the top of the hats.

Wooden Peg Christmas Reindeer

Now, I'm no good with videos, so I have done a step-by-step guide with pictures for you to make these two guys.  You use the same method to make the giant sized reindeer, but obviously you need to cut larger antlers and coat; you will also need a larger nose, larger beads/balls for holly berries, googley eyes and ribbon.  Good luck!

Things you will need:

Wooden pegs
Red/Green felt
Googley eyes
Red fuzzy ball for nose
Small red balls/beads for holly berries
Fancy ribbon
Cotton wool for tail
Glue gun


Firstly you will need to cut the felt out for the holly antlers and coat, tie the ribbon, and cut the length of hanging thread/ribbon as per picture 1.


Next you need to glue the three pegs together, 2 to make the legs and the third the other way up to make the head, as per picture 2.

Take either the red or green felt that has been cut out for his coat and glue on as per picture 3.

Work out where you want the eyes, add glue and put in place, as in picture 4.

Add glue for the nose and put in place as per picture 5.

Next work out where you want the antlers to go and fix into place with glue.  Add the red beads/balls for holly berries as in picture 6.

Take the cotton wool and choose the size you want his tail, add some glue and fix in place.  Add some glue to the ribbon and fix in place on the front of his coat as in picture 7.

Add a small amount of glue to the top back of his ears for the hanging thread, as in picture 8.

Voila!  There you have one reindeer decoration for your tree.  Now get more bits and pieces together and you can make many more!

Friday, 5 October 2012

My Countdown Calendar

This is my countdown calendar.  It lives in my kitchen all year round, but I can only start doing the countdown when it gets to 98 days until Christmas, because I only have 2 hooks to put the numbers on.

We are currently down to 81 days until christmas and we have already started to think about what we are going to be doing.  Not just giftwise for the kids, but for family too.  We try to make lots of bits and pieces, some of which are appreciated more than others. 

Anyway, I will be adding photos of the little things that I have already made and then keep on adding as I create more.  If I can I will put up a little piece about how to make them, well only if people are interested of course!

Today is the day!

I have been trying to sort out a blog for a while now.  I tried one a while back and then forgot about it!  But since I have been doing some craft type things recently, I thought why not be like some of the other mums and put them up on my blog.  So I am restarting and adding some old bits and pieces, but all the new things too.  Along with amazing things that my 8 kids do!