Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wooden Peg Christmas Reindeer

Now, I'm no good with videos, so I have done a step-by-step guide with pictures for you to make these two guys.  You use the same method to make the giant sized reindeer, but obviously you need to cut larger antlers and coat; you will also need a larger nose, larger beads/balls for holly berries, googley eyes and ribbon.  Good luck!

Things you will need:

Wooden pegs
Red/Green felt
Googley eyes
Red fuzzy ball for nose
Small red balls/beads for holly berries
Fancy ribbon
Cotton wool for tail
Glue gun


Firstly you will need to cut the felt out for the holly antlers and coat, tie the ribbon, and cut the length of hanging thread/ribbon as per picture 1.


Next you need to glue the three pegs together, 2 to make the legs and the third the other way up to make the head, as per picture 2.

Take either the red or green felt that has been cut out for his coat and glue on as per picture 3.

Work out where you want the eyes, add glue and put in place, as in picture 4.

Add glue for the nose and put in place as per picture 5.

Next work out where you want the antlers to go and fix into place with glue.  Add the red beads/balls for holly berries as in picture 6.

Take the cotton wool and choose the size you want his tail, add some glue and fix in place.  Add some glue to the ribbon and fix in place on the front of his coat as in picture 7.

Add a small amount of glue to the top back of his ears for the hanging thread, as in picture 8.

Voila!  There you have one reindeer decoration for your tree.  Now get more bits and pieces together and you can make many more!

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