Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bell Christmas Puddings

These Christmas puddings are probably the easiest and quickest decoration I have made.  But they look so effective and very cute.

Here's what you need:

Christmas Bells
Green felt
Wite felt
Small red fuzzy balls
Glue gun

Firstly, cut out the icing shape from the white felt and cut a small hole in the centre, as in picture 1.

Cut holly shaped leaves from the green felt, as in picture 2.

Take the icing shaped felt and put over the top of the bell, pulling the hanging thread through the hole, and glue in place, as in picture 3.

Put small amounts of glue around the centre of the white icing felt and add three holly leaves, as in picture 4.

Put small amounts of glue inbetween where you have glued the holly leavves and add three holly berries, as in picture 5.

Voila!  You now have a Christmas pudding bell!

Now you can go on to create more!

Try them with no icing, they look cute just with the holly and berries.

...And lots of them!!!

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