Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Robins

So, I've not put anything on here for a couple of weeks, but I now have a few more things to put up, the first being Christmas Robins!  I think these are such cute little things, Simon said they weren't very Christmasy at first, until I made one and then he said that they are rather cute. So, here's a sneak peak and then I'll show you how to make them.  You can use either dark or light brown or even a biscuit coloured felt, I have done some in each colour and they look lovely, so you may want to experiment on your colours.

So collect the bits you need (forgot to do a picture here, so I will just list everything instead):

Dark and light Brown or biscuit coloured felt
Red felt
White felt
Small brown beads
Red embroidery thread
Brown embroidery thread
Soft toy filling

You will need to cut out the two different sized circle shapes, two large circles large in brown felt, the smaller in red felt.  Cut one diamond shape for the beak (in brown felt) and two white circles for the eyes.

Take the large brown circle and the red circle, as in picture 1...

Put the red circle on the brown circle, with edges touching on one side, using a running stitch sew around the red circle, as in picture 2.

This is what you end up with, as in picture 3.

Next you take the white felt and sew into place with a few over stitches in the centre of the circle, and add a bead for each eye centre, as in pictures 4 and 5.

This is what you end up with, as in picture 5.

Next, take the beak and stitch in place between the eyes with just a few stitches, as in picture 6.

This is how the beak should be, as in picture 7.

Next take the second large brown circle and place at the back of the robin, as in picture 8.

Using a blanket stitch, sew around the edges of the robin, as in picture 9.

Leave a big enough gap to add the filling, as in picture 10.

Add the filling to the robin, but don't over fill it as the stitching will pull, as in picture 11.

Finish sewing around the edge of the circles, as in picture 12.

Last thing to do is toadd the hanging ribbon, which you just need to sew onto the back of the robin, at the top, as in picture 13.

And there you have it, one little robin all finished.  now you can show your friends and teach them to make this very cute little christmas robin!!!

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